Friday, October 19, 2018

What Is the Luminous Marked Cards?

Green hands cannot stop to ask what is the luminous marked cards?

It is very simple, the playing cards be marked with proportion luminous ink by special printing machine, which is called the luminous marked cards. The wonderful part is that this invisible marking can only be read by the special poker tool like poker camera, or the cards lenses.
luminous marked cards

Why did need to explore new marked cards?

1. The Shortcoming of the Formal Marking Deck

Ultimate marked deck is popular in the magic poker circle for years. But it is not so good to be recognized, as sometimes the back patterns of playing cards is complicated. Some poker player or the magician is losing their faith on this type of magic cards due to the intricacy marks.

2. Old School Traditional Marking Way

The disappearing ink pen can write mark on the playing cards, but it cannot stay for long time, sometimes visible for naked eyes, even you are not wearing the special contact lenses. If you put this interior quality magic tool on the magic show, hopefully not turn to a disaster show.
Disappering ink pen

3. Marked Cards Technology Updated

Technology is changing with each passing day. BuyMarkedCards never stop to seek the brand new recipe for the invisible ink marked cards. Suffering from the hundreds of experiments and improvements, the team finally bring in the new isolation and purification technology for the new ink  successfully. The new luminous ink for poker was born.

Does every brand and color can be made as luminous marked cards?

The answer is definitely yes, only if you are with a experienced marked cards technician and inclusive marked cards ink recipe.
Many cards supplier cannot provide a solution for the blue or black cards, Expect BuyMarkedCards, the marked cards team created different ink recipe for different color and different brand, like the Fournier 2800 blue deck, can also imprint with perfect invisible ink mark. The targeted ink recipe improved the marking quality, and also solved the problem for the blue and black decks. 

Is better to buy the luminous marked cards with infrared contact lenses?

The luminous marked cards for sale separately is the same quality as the compound package sale. Normally if same shop and same quality standard is choose, the marked cards effect would be the same. And it has the quality assurance, normally speak,it would be 58% clearly and cleaner than the marked cards which selling on Amazon.
If there is enough budget for the luminous poker trick kit, high quality would be suggested. Especially marked cards contact lenses, professional quality product brings more secure protection, so does the eye healthy.

With a conclusion, choose the high quality luminous marked cards, keep safe on your magic, no matter on the stage or on the poker table.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Where to buy marked playing cards?

Since the ultimate marked deck item was released to the market, cards enthusiasts, magicians and poker players were looked for everywhere to get the marked decks with unrecognizable card backs.
On the market, it is full of different types of quality juiced cards. When you inquiry the price, the wide range price misguide you on the quality of the luminous ink marked playing cards. Here we introduce you a expertise on the anti poker cheating devices.
luminous ink marked playing cards

The technician team in Buy Marked Cards is seasoned in a wide range of marked cards and poker analyzer system that cater to numerous market segments. Whether it's custom solution for personal or the whole sale playing cards trick products, Buy Marked Cards is delighted help you find the specialty suitable way for your special event.
Buymarkedcards have been established since 2006, and the technicians are dedicated to study the invisible ink marked cards both for the infrared contact lenses and for the poker scanning camera. 
After 3 years hard painstaking researching and development, they manufactured a type of a best marked deck which can stay on the cards for longer time and undetectable by the UV black light. Credit to the magic poker creation, Buy Marked cards attains a result, which also set a foundation to make it become the lead ship on the machine printed marked playing cards sector.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Acheter cartes marquées poker avec lentille

Le seul endroit où peut obtenir le lentille de contact infrarouge vente prix
et prix des lentilles de contact infrarouges est Amazon et eBay?

Vraiment ne peut pas entrer en contact avec le réel usine de cartes marquées
  en Chine. Nous savons qu'il y a quelques fournisseur de dispositif de triche de poker de l'Inde, mais les produits d'eux ne sont pas si qualifiés et satisfont le client.

Comme cette question, vous devriez consulter le site Web de Buy Marked Cards, il s'agit d'un anti-triche poker collection de poker pour le roi du poker. Et vous pouvez également obtenir le meilleur service ici, le représentant des ventes donnera une recommandation appropriée après que vous soumettiez votre demande, ils traitent le client non seulement une personnes qui achètent les produits d'eux, mais un ami proche qui considérera tous les aspects pour toi et économiser des coûts pour vous.
lentille de contact infrarouge vente

le cartes à jouer lentille prix n'est pas le moins cher qu'ils fournissent, le client est prêt à faire la commande en permanence. Envoyez-leur les demandes, prouvez le service qu'ils peuvent fournir.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

x ray lentes de contacto com cartas marcadas

Calidad barata lentes de rayos x sería arrugado cuando lo use después de minutos.
O, de hecho, no son las lentes de rayos X reales, simplemente se llaman
lentes de contacto de rayos x solo para los lentes ultravioleta para leer el
tarjetas tintadas con tinta UV.

Y está bien pulido vasos de tinta luminosos marco con una lente filtrante hecha a mano,De esta forma, puede quitar y quitar las gafas de forma conveniente, ya que algunas personas no están acostumbradas a las lentes de contacto.

Para saber cómo hacer que lentes de contacto de rayos X, ese es el problema técnico que no podemos filtrar.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Assistir scanner de poker com analisador de poker

É verdade que podemos processar um relógio normal como um tipo de dispositivo de trapaça anti-poker mais útil.
Nós consertamos uma lente de câmera dentro do gabinete de relógio que essa lente não pode ser encontrada por outros jogadores de poker. O relógio rastreador de poker pode digitalizar e analisar os códigos de barras invisíveis nos quatro lados do baralhos marcados luminosos. E então o analisador de poker analisará e transmitirá o resultado do vencedor do poker para você.

A distância longa desta lente da câmera do relógio pode ser estendida como 6-12cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm. Além disso, você pode controlar o interruptor do aplicativo de varredura térmica do relógio por um controle remoto. Diferentes estilos de óculos caso de varredura de poker pode ser oferecido por nós. Qualquer interesse, bem-vindo a contactar-nos para mais detalhes.

iPhone spy camera for marked playing cards

In order to keep from being cheated by others in casino, you  must will be willing to buy the anti-poker cheating devices. Maybe you have bought the invisible ink barcode marked cards and poker analyzer device. But have you bought the poker scanning system?

Here we strongly recommend you to use our iPhone poker scanner. There is built-in camera lens inside of iPhone. Hence this camera lens can be used for scanning the barcode marked cards clearly and accurately.
The excellent iPhone poker scanner is the newest anti-cheating device that can easily used in different poker places and magic shows.
If you are looking for infrared camera iPhone to protect yourself from being cheated by others in casino, this device must be a good choice for you

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Câmera infravermelha com estratégia de colusão de poker online

Nossa excelente câmera infravermelha de infravermelho é o último e mais recente dispositivo de trapaça anti-poker em 2017. Esta única câmera de espionagem de poker pode ajudá-lo a obter truques e truques de poker mais marcados antes de jogar o jogo de poker no casino ou no Texas Hold'em.

Esta lente de câmera oculta é uma ferramenta de trapaça de poker ideal para você se você está procurando uma câmera de espionagem para evitar ser enganado por outros jogadores de poker. Quando você usa esses truques de cartas em cassino, não se esqueça de usar também o cartão de barras e o analisador de poker. Desta forma, você pode ganhar o resultado do jogo de poker com facilidade e rapidez.
A câmera infravermelha especial pode ser usada em muitos jogos de poker, como o jogo Texas Hold'em, o jogo Blackjack, o jogo Indian Flush e etc. Além disso, existem diferentes estilos de scanner de poker para sua escolha.